Rapid Rugby


Global Rapid Rugby is owned and supported within the Minderoo Group. The strategic direction will be set by an Independent Board, of which Andrew Forrest will be Chairman. The operations of Rapid Rugby will be managed by a Clubs Commission and Unions Commission under defined Terms of Reference.



2021 to 2023

Expansion plans for 2021 and beyond include China, India, the UAE, Sri Lanka and Korea. Investment in China and India will start immediately, developing rugby in schools and communities, establishing player and coach pathways and engaging the fan base.

Our Differentiators

Our vision is to create a growing international rugby competition that enriches its communities.

Leading the Revolution

Under the banner World Series Rugby, Andrew Forrest’s vision for a rugby revolution literally burst onto the sporting scene on May 4, 2018. A seven match invitational trial made an immediate impact around the globe and added more supporters at every turn.

Forrest, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen and an international philanthropist, was originally driven by the ‘injustice’ of his home state of Western Australia being forced out of the Super Rugby competition, and a ‘burning
desire’ to improve the game further throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“Witnessing the quality of rugby on the field this year, the way the fans responded and how everyone else took notice says clearly ‘Rapid Rugby is the future’.

“To see the guys from Samoa, Tonga and Fiji respond to the opportunity they were given with such joy and then hear the great Robbie Deans talk so passionately about what we’re doing.

“My wife Nicola and I are so excited about what Rapid Rugby is going to become.

“Our new and dynamic brand will bring a whole new support base, inspire young people and attract new and much needed spectator and corporate interest.

“Plus, we have already begun reinforcing grassroots rugby across Western Australia with a fun new RugbyRoos programme for 4-12 year-olds that we want to promote globally.”

After leading the Panasonic Wild Knights in a spectacular 95 point finale to the inaugural season, Robbie Deans, one of world rugby’s most credible voices and experienced coaches, described the brand as ‘superb’.

“Andrew’s timing is impeccable.

“Asia’s the future. Economically, population-wise – the interest is already there from a market perspective.

“They’ll tell you there’s a greater support base in places like China than there is domestically in Australia and New Zealand. So the scope for growth there is significant.

“The concept’s great … not only the on-field in terms of speed and incentive to attack from any part of the ground but the whole event.

“It reinforces what rugby players love. To touch the ball and play, have the ball in play for longer.”


Keep the ball alive; create space for the stars to show their skill; and reward risk taking, attacking teams.

That is Rapid Rugby’s on-field mission statement.

In 2018, minor law variations and interpretations have positioned Rapid Rugby as a ‘unique’ brand of the game. One that players, fans and viewers alike have enjoyed.

For example, Super Rugby in Australia averages around 30-minutes of ‘ball-in-play’ per match. Our 2018 matches increased that time by almost 30% – and that is just the beginning.

Marquee Players

A marquee player initiative will be implemented by Global Rapid Rugby to assist in creating an elite standard of competition, a competitive and even playing field across the league, as well as game development by supporting and nurturing local playing talent. The identification, recruitment and allocation of marquee players will be coordinated by Global Rapid Rugby in association with partnering clubs. A marquee includes (but is not limited to) players participating in a top-tier professional rugby competition, are currently, or have previously, played at a national team level, or are of national interest to a union participating in the Global Rapid Rugby competition (i.e. the player would meet the host union’s national qualification criteria).

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